LS Mtron Holds 2023 General Meeting of Tractor Agencies

LS Mtron2023-02-15


■ Emphasis on customer data utilization services and innovative sales activities
■ Resolution to achieve goals after sharing business policy directions

Starting from the 15th, LS Mtron held the “2023 General Meeting of Tractor Agencies” at Lahan Hotel in Jeonju for two days. It was attended by around 200 people, including the representatives of more than 120 agencies nationwide, next-generation leaders, and employees of LS Mtron. This was the first time the executives and employees of LS Mtron and the representatives of its agencies could meet each other over the past three years. Thanks to COVID-19, all online meetings had been held online. At the general meeting, the company and agencies shared their business policy directions and ideas for 2023 with excitement.

The general meeting consisted of various programs, all with the theme of “using data to grow one step closer to customers.” On the first day, after starting with a tour of Jeonju Hanok Village, there were policy briefings and excellent agencies and next-generation leader awards, followed by various events and dinners. In the “LS Tractor Awards”, in which 10 outstanding agencies that contributed to the growth of LS Mtran last year were selected, Cho Byeong-Woon, the CEO of Seosan-Taean Agency in Chuncheongnam-do, won the grand prize.

On the second day, demonstrations and hands-on experiences were prepared to check all LS Mtron tractor models and review their features. This was an opportunity to test-drive the models, directly experience the excellent handling and stable driving performance of the 2.5-step LS self-driving tractor LS SmarTrek, which has been designated as the only innovative product in Korea, and to check its performance.

Praising the hard work of the general meeting during his welcome speech, LS Mtron CEO Chai-ho Shin said, “Achieving the highest sales ever in 2022 and taking on challenges to open up the future were possible thanks to the passion and efforts of the representatives of our agencies and our employees.” He added, “Let's create a 2023 that will take us one step closer to customers through understanding customer needs, preemptive sales activities, and customized services.”