LS Cable & System develops next-generation superconducting cable

LS Cable&System2021-10-13


<Photograph:>next-generation superconducting cable (3-phase coaxial superconducting cable) 


■ First to obtain an international standard (IEC), increasing the power transfer rate and decreasing the production cost
■ To be used for a superconducting platform business next year, and expecting to expand into the global market with ESG


LS Cable & System (President & CEO Myung Roe-Hyun) announced on October 13 that the company recently succeeded in developing a next-generation superconducting cable.


The superconducting cable has almost no power loss during transmission and is capable of large capacity transmission. Since it does not generate electromagnetic waves, it is called a representative environmentally friendly energy product.


This next-generation product dramatically improved the structural design of the superconducting layer, and reduced the production cost by more than 10% while increasing the power transfer rate by more than 20%.


LS Cable & System developed the 23kV 3-phase coaxial superconducting cable through R&D for about 2 years jointly with the Korea Electric Power Research Institute at the Gochang Power Testing Center of KEPCO, and obtained the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standard. Three companies, including LS Cable & System, have successfully developed it worldwide, but LS Cable & System is the first to obtain international certification.


According to the industry, KEPCO is known to plan to apply this next-generation model to a superconducting platform business starting next year. After LS Cable & System commercialized superconducting cable for the first time in the world in 2019, it is also expected to lead the commercialization of next-generation products.


“The superconducting platform business can reduce the size of substations to less than one tenth of the existing ones, and reduce deployment costs by more than 30%,” said an official of LS Cable & System. “Its usage will increase mainly in urban areas where it is difficult to expand power facilities.”


“Thanks to the global ESG management trend, the superconducting business is expected to expand mainly in North America and Europe,” LS Cable & System President & CEO Myung Roe-Hyun said. “Based on our domestic commercialization experience, we will strive to enter the global market as well.”