Investor Relations

Business Report
(As of 2021 year end)

2021 Group Business Report
※ FY21 LS group consolidated basis

  • Sales30,402Billion KRW
  • Operation Profit927Billion KRW
  • Total Assets22,437Billion KRW

Affiliated Company

End of FY2021 (unit : Million KRW)
CompanySalesOperating ProfitTotal AssetsMain Products
LS Corp.13,089,102583,65612,625,931Holding Company
LS Cable & System6,111,367230,3555,326,247Telecommunication, Electric Power.
LS ELECTRIC2,668,265155,1322,796,731Electric/Automation Equipment & System
LS-Nikko Copper9,901,511354,3933,905,962Copper Smelting & Refinery, Gold, Silver Etc
LS Mtron1,037,96710,4571,116,378Components, Machinery Etc.
LS I&D3,300,191109,2622,170,358Telecommunication, Electric Power.
YESCO Holdings1,266,67124,0301,423,003Holding Company

Financial Information

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